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Balms, organic

Organic natural balms

Made in small, fresh batches our organic balms contain ONLY 100% certified organic oils and butters, our balms are 100% natural, 100% certified organic ingredients. A powerful and very pleasant use of pure, natural aromatherapy. All blends were researched and created by Ann who is a registered nurse, herbalist and Certified Clinical Aromatherapy Professional.


Our organic aromatherapy hand & body creams & balms were created for those of all ages who are concerned about what they are putting on their skin. Soothing, moisturizing, non-greasy and quickly absorbed, you will find that you will never be as satisfied with another cream after trying ours. Our products possess all the benefits you would hope for and expect in a natural, handmade, herbal product using nature's bounty of amazing properties - without all the synthetic fillers of most commercial products on the market today. Our creams are just that - creams. They aren't lotions that have been watered-down. We use organic shea butter to make them this thick and luxurious - not synthetic stiffeners so ubiquitous on the market now.