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Organic Carrier Oils



certified organic plant based carrier fixed oils for aromatherapy and skin care




Plant-based certified organic carrier oils that you can use alone or in your own creations. These are all certified organic through QAI and Fair Trade where indicated. All our virgin, cold-pressed, unrefined oils - which is really the only kinds of oils you should use for your skin - or anything for that matter. Otherwise, the oils are processed to the point of having little or no benefits left. There are many vegetable oils on the market and many are clear and odorless - that is not what you want if you want something that retains the natural phytonutrients that were placed in them naturally. We love that our olive oil and avocado oil are dark green. When we didn't know any better, we bought "cosmetic" grade avocado oil - thinking that was, of course, what we needed for our cosmetics. It didn't take too long (this was many years ago) to realize when I received a sample of the real deal, unrefined, cold-pressed avocado oil, that the two oils were very different. We offer two options for shipping your oils, PET and amber glass. The PET is cheaper and safer for shipping, but we suggest you place these precious oils in a glass amber bottle and put them in the refrigerator. We note the lot #, the date received, the date opened, and the "best by" date on each container. The exceptions to placing your oils in the refrigeration would be the olive oil and coconut oil. 

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, certified organic
Evening Primrose Oil, virgin,certified organic
Baobab Oil, virgin,certified organic
Avocado Oil, virgin, certified organic
Hemp Seed Oil, virgin, certified organic
Black Cumin Seed Oil, virgin, certified organic
Golden Jojoba Oil, virgin, certified organic