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Infused Herbal Oils

certified organic plant-based vegetable infused carrier oils by WingsetsOrganic Carrier/Vegetable Oils:

Our own infused, also referred to as macerated, organic botanical oils heated at low temperatures for weeks to obtain and retain the highest level of benefit as possible. We use them so much in our own products, we decided you might like to do some do-it-yourself projects, plus any one of these oils will be very useful all by itself for a variety of ways to improve your skin health. Processed oils from off the shelves of your health food or grocery shelves have been infused at high temperatures and most of their naturally inherent properties are processed at high temperatures and have lost their health-giving benefits put there by nature.

We will be adding to this category as the different oils have been infused through their 6 week (often longer) period. We like to double infuse the oils, which is a process whereby we strain the oil and then add back more of the certified organic flowers and infuse for an additional few weeks. We use certified organic extra virgin olive oil. The infused olive oil is often used in our soaps, creams and balms. If you'd like to be notified when these products are available on the website, please either sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook.