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Men's Fresh Day™ Sun-Soothing Body Spray - Classic Bay Rum

Select Size: 8 oz. - $16.00

Classic Bay Rum After-Sun Body Spray - out of stock

Naturally scented with aromatherapy grade essential oils that have inherent healthy properties for skin care, plus this is a classic favorite for both men and women and it really is natural.

  • Warming, Comforting
  • Classic Men's Scent - Natural with essential oils
  • Phthalate free
  • Alcohol free
  • Soothing, cooling for those hot days in the sun
  • Certified Organic Aloe Vera with witch-hazel
  • Essential oils used:  Bay Rum ((Pimenta racemosa),Allspice (Pimenta officinalis)

8 oz. in an attractive amber bottle