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Men's Fresh Day Gift Set

$54.00 $48.00

 Special money-saving sets for Men!

We know it's hard to find that special something for those special men in your life. We've put together a discounted gift set that he will use, remember and appreciate you for giving it to him.  The regular price for all 3 of these natural men's products would be $52.00 - we are offering it as a gift set for $46.00! We're giving you a choice of 3 of our most requested natural scents. Choose between Classic Bay Rum (out of stock), Bayberry Spice, Balsam Fir, Citrus Fresh, Green Irish Tweed (type), Patchouli Metro or Unscented. See the drop down box to make your choice. Now add our artisan soap - Green Irish Tweed (type), organic Balsam Fir, organic Citrus Fresh  or organic Patchouli and Green Tea to the gift set! 

8 oz - Organic Aloe Vera Aftershave -  Reg. $18.00
8 oz - Organic Hand & Body Cream - Reg. $20.00
8 oz - Talc-Free Deodorizing Powder - Reg. $16.00