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Elderberry and Evergreen Handcrafted Soap - certified organic ingredients


Elderberry and Evergreen Handcrafted Christmas Limited Edition Soap

  • The beautiful warm scent of elderberries with a blend of wood, winter, some citrus, apple, and fir trees. If you like this one as much as we do, let us know and we will make it a year-round offering.

  • As with all of our soaps, this one was made with certified organic oils and 30% certified organic shea butter. 

  • Perfect Secret Santa gift or Teacher’s gift! 

  • 4 oz. Bar Shea Butter bar soap, long lasting and luxuriously skin friendly

  • Limited edition – stock up now! Perfect gift or stocking stuffer. Wonderful happy holiday fragrance.

vegan, certified organic ingredients, Paraben and Phthalate Free, Gluten Free Handmade Soap
Handmade cold-process soap made with shea butter, coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil - all certified organic.

This one is new and I'm pretty sure it will be one of our favorites all year long, but especially during the Christmas holidays. If you like woodsy type scents with a little bit of pine and elderberries, then you'll love this. A beautiful blend of natural colorants swirled to add to the festive feeling of this soap. Made from our regular certified organic ingredients with a phthalate free fragrance oil infused into the soap. After I made this first batch of soap, I loved the scent so much that I immediately made some air fresheners and this is truly a wonderful nostalgic Christmas scent. 

Certified organic shea butter, Saponified oils of Certified organic coconut oil (Cocos nucifera), Certified organic olive oil (Olea europaea), phthalate-free fragrance, natural micas.

This is a hand-crafted, hand-cut, cold-processed soap and will last a very long time if placed in a soap dish that drains. The high percentage of certified organic shea butter (30%) results in not only a nice hard, long-lasting bar, but also one that leaves your skin clean and moisturized. You will be able to tell the difference. There is a phthalate-free fragrance added that is not considered to be an irritant, but everyone is different and try a small test before use. It is safe for all ages from young children to people as ancient as me. I never suggest using soap on babies that contains anything other than a baby-safe essential oil such as lavender or chamomile.


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