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Aromatherapy Classic Ultrasonic Diffuser

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Hubmar - "The Classic" Ultrasonic Diffuser Nebulizer - currently out of stock



Nobody makes diffusers like Hubmar does - and they've been doing it for a long time. This is their newest version of their ultrasonic diffuser for aromatherapy in a spa, home, clinic, office, or hospital room. We like it! It has all of the same great features as the other Hubmar that we've been carrying - it's just a little sleeker design. This type of diffuser is particularly family-oriented and safe as opposed to those with glass.

  • Patented umbrella cap, allows better diffusion of essential oils
  • You can use any essential oils in this diffuser without worrying about clogging the tubing or breaking a glass nebulizer
  • 360º multi-directional nozzle which means you can point it where the essential oil mist needs to go
  • Low level LED lights that you may love or hate, but they come with an on/off switch (yeah - the older ones didn't)
  • 5 timer settings and 3 vaporizing mist settings which allows for continued safe use for hours
  • A safe efficient way to diffuse your oils with energy saving features - quiet AND efficient
  • No heat, so beneficial properties of oils are not affected or evaporated too quickly
  • New sleeker (they call it "deco look") - works for me. Goes with any decor I think is the point
  • Automatic shut off when water levels are low

You will want one in every room of your house.

This is absolutely your BEST solution for using essential oils to their maximum benefit. This unit is an atomizer, diffuser, nebulizer, humidifier, air purifier – all at once – plus, it is quiet, efficient and safe. We’ve been searching and testing for quite a while and this is IT! The aromatherapy diffuser we all need – everywhere! It does big work from a small space. See the photos above next to our essential oils, the unit only takes up about 8″×7″ of space and is 4" tall. It humidifies the air and while doing so puts out a cool mist that transforms water and essential oils into health-giving, disease-ridding molecules.


No glass, no heat, no flame. Particularly safe for children and the elderly.

Easy to Use: You can change the amount of output with your choice of three intensity settings as well as the 5 different timer settings. Plus it has a warm, soft blue light and makes a useful night light - which can be turned off if not needed or desired (we didn't like it at night, but great for kid's rooms). The timer settings are particularly nice due to the well-known olfactory fatigue that occurs with dispersing or diffusing any essential oils. Setting #5 is my favorite; it is on for 15 minutes, then automatically off for 30 minutes, and continues to cycle for more than 8 hours depending on water supply and the output setting.

Simple Controls:

To save energy and extend product life, there is a digital controller designed to automatically stop the machine when the water is below the recommended level for optimal operation. (I really like this feature!).


This awesome little machine can be used as a humidifier (particularly nice in the winter), atomizer and air purifier. This diffuser creates negative ions with its ultrasonic action, purifying your air both by this and the oils you select. Add your choice of essential oils and/or blends and turn the atmosphere in your home into a spa. If you have problems with bugs, such as ants, use a blend for that purpose. It will seep into all the cracks and crannies you couldn’t possibly reach, adding a line of defense against those small pests while at the same time it defends against other kinds of “bugs” (cold & flu) for homes with children and adults coming and going, bringing in all those cold & flu germs.

Quiet & Efficient:

Issues we’ve had with other nebulizers included their inconsistent dispersion of the oils, the problem of vibration, and the noise! This unit is quiet, doesn’t vibrate off the table (yes we had that happen with other models) and has a lovely blue night light. We love it with our grandkids.

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Hubmar Ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser: Actually, you can cause damage to your machine if not used according to the manufacturer's instructions. We will send you these instructions when you purchase a diffuser, but here is a link to the manufacturer's website that gives you additional information and here is the link to the instruction manual.

TESTIMONIALS - please do leave us comments about how you use this family-oriented diffuser/nebulizer.