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Clove Bud (Syzgium aromaticum)


Clove Bud essential oil

Syzgium aromaticum, undiluted, concentrated oil, aromatherapy grade, also known as Eugenia caryophyllata


Country of Origin – Singapore

Steam distilled from the flower buds

The high content of the chemical constituent Eugenol affords this very inexpensive essential oil a long list of beneficial properties. Current and past research indicates this essential oil may have the following properties. See our Essential Oil Database for research specifics.

  • Analgesic, particularly used in dental offices
  • Helpful alleviating nerve pain due to nerve damage
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Strong antibacterial
  • Anti-coagulant (see cautions)
  • Anti-histaminic
  • Anti-thrombotic, could be useful for vascular insufficiency 
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-viral, especially helpful for Herpes Viruses 1 and 2
  • May by hypotensive, probably due to vasodilation
  • Cancer protective, neuro protective, liver protective
  • Antioxidant
  • Insecticidal - particularly effective against roaches in small diffused amounts
  • Use diluted only - see safety tab below
  • Must be highly diluted if used topically. Robert Tisserand's latest edition of "Essential Oil Safety" recommends a MAXIMUM dermal use level of 0.6%

10 mL size with convenient safety dropper cap


See information above.


 Pure unadulterated, undiluted essential oil of Syzgium aromaticum (bud). Country of origin - Singapore


Clove Bud (Zyzgium aromaticum) Essential Oil

As the long list of properties indicated, it is quite obvious that clove bud essential oil would be a good one to keep around the house. It works very well when added to other essential oils. See our recipes below (under construction - sorry). 


This particular oil due to its high level of Eugenol is a skin sensitizer, it will be a skin irritant if not diluted properly, and it is an anti-coagulant and should not be used by anyone currently taking any other blood thinners, and before or after surgery. The anti-coagulant/anti-thrombotic properties can be very helpful for vascular issues however. Always consult your health professional and/or certified aromatherapy professional. Keep out of reach of children!! We provide our oils with a safety dropper cap - please leave that on. An oral dose of 5 to 10 ml for a child as young as 2 can result in acute liver damage or death.