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Lavender, High Altitude Bulgarian (Lavandula angustifolia), Organic Essential Oil


High altitude Lavender, Bulgarian - 100% pure Lavandula angustifolia, Organic, Essential Oil

Country of Origin – Bulgaria 
Undiluted, pure, aromatherapeutic
GC/MS for current fresh batch #224210 - see below.

Steam distilled and grown in a manner that does not use pesticides or herbicides. This grower uses the organic methods of farming but is not a "certified organic" farmer.

5 ml, 10 ml and 15 ml sizes available - bottled in amber glass with safety dropper caps

I can tell you first of all that when I opened up my first bottle of this particular variety - high altitude from Bulgaria and an organic grower - I knew it was different from what I had been receiving. All that I had been receiving of the Bulgarian from my supplier had been consistently above par and very very nice. But, this one really did stop me in my tracks. I sent off an email to my supplier - was this a different distillation? And, yes, it was and is and it is an amazing (I know, I know I use that word too much - I'm working on it) fragrance. I started using it alone in my diffuser at night for situational anxiety and insomnia issues. It worked. It really did work. It is very NOT cost conservative for me to use this particular essential oil in our soap, but I'm a perfectionist (nice word for anal?) and I just did not very much like the soapmaker's lavender that is used ubiquitously by most soapmakers. But - as long as Warren and I are the Board of Directors - this is what I will use in our soaps and in our other skin care products. I don't buy anything else. This latest batch was just even better. Those of you who know me, know that I don't tell you these things for any other reason than that they are true. I am working on an updated, in-depth profile for this particular essential oil to include the beneficial properties for growing at high altitudes and in Bulgaria.

For now - here is a summary of the GC/MS profile. 

Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender Bulgarian, high altitude - I have rounded off the percentages.):

    • Linalyl acetate - 33%
    • Linalool - 32%
    • (Z)-beta-Ocimene - 5%
    • Trans-caryophyllene - 3%
    • Lavandulyl acetate - 4%
    • (E)-beta-Farnesene - 4%
    • Terpinen-4-ol - 4%
    • Z-beta Ocimene - 4%
    • 3-Octanone - 2%
    • E-beta Ocimene - 3%
    • Myrcene - 1%
    • Lavandulol - 1%
    • Alpha-terpineol - 1%
    • Oct-1-en-3-yl acetate - 1%
    • Hexyl-ethanoate - 1%
    • Eucalyptol - 1%
    • Ethyl-hexanol - 0.3%
    • Alpha-pinene - 0.2%
    • Geranyl acetate - 0.5%
    • Borneol - 0.5%
    • Bornyl acetate - 0.2%
    • Neryl acetate - 0.3%

100% pure essential oil of high altitude Bulgarian Lavandula angustifolia - what is considered to be the "True Lavender".

Lavender is the safest oil available - end of discussion. However, although we are tempted to use it undiluted, it is best not to do that. I know quite a few aromatherapists who have done that through the years before this "sensitization" syndrome was known or understood. They now, very unfortunately, cannot use it without an allergic reaction. I very definitely do not want to be included in those ranks - do you? I still will reach for it if I am burned in the kitchen or when a migraine starts. But I am now diluting it in jojoba oil into a roller bottle (soon available on the website and our shop) and will use that instead. I will be writing more about essential oil safety now that Robert Tisserand's long-awaited 2nd edition of Essential Oil Safety has arrived.

I can't think - seriously - of very many things that lavender (True Lavender - not Spike Lavender) cannot be used for unless it would be to remain alert or take a test - not a good idea to use Lavender in those situations as its sedative properties are well-known and well-researched. Spike Lavender, however, is a "horse with a different color" and we will be providing more information about that.

Please do leave any thoughts or comments that you might have about this essential oil so others can benefit from your experience. We do thank you for that

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