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Women's Bath & Massage Oil - Clementine Lavender

Select Size: 8 oz. - $19.00

Clementine Lavender Massage Oil - certified organic content

Made with 100% pure essential oils for a natural therapeutic aromatherapy experience and an all organic blend of decadent carrier oils.

  • Certified organic oils - 5 of the most requested and recommended natural oils for massage
  • Synthetic-free! Lanolin-free! Mineral oil-free! Pesticide free!
  • Certified organic essential oils known for their antibacterial properties
  • Uplifting, calming, relaxing
  • Natural Vitamin E added for antioxidant properties, moisturizing and preventing rancidity
  • Add to bath salts, honey or other emulsifier and use for bath oil
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certified organic ingredients, Paraben and Phthalate Free, Gluten Free Skin Products
8 oz. size available.

Essential Oils used include:
Clementine (Citrus nobilis) & Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

Studies on citrus oils confirm that the smell of citrus can quickly relax the mind & energize the body. It is also well known as an uplifting essential oil. Lavender essential oil alone is well known for it’s relaxing and calming properties. This is a powerful aromatherapy synergy with the additional benefits of five certified organic, moisturizing oils perfect for massage. We use certified organic oils, although they are much more expensive, but believe that pesticides, herbicides and other residues should be avoided in any skin care product.