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Organic Calendula Infused Herbal Oil in Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Organic Calendula macerated in certified organic extra virgin olive oil (Calendula officinalis) - temporarily out of stock. See our calendula infused in sunflower oil.

Calendula is a well known herb that has been used for centuries for its healing properties.  We've taken the certified organic flowers of this plant and macerated them in certified organic extra virgin olive oil - at low temperatures and 6 weeks (often longer). We use the double infusion process which means we strain the oil after a period of time and then add more herbs to the oil and infuse for a few more weeks. It is said, and I've seen the difference, that you can actually infuse a botanical for too long. We've been doing this for many years now and there is a "look" that the herb gets when it is obvious it has given us all that it has. I've also seen the times in the past before we learned this, where the botanical can take on an almost burned look - even though we infuse at low temperatures. Knowing the difference results in an amazing nurturing and healing oil that can be used for many skin issues that cause so much discomfort. Use in soaps, creams, lotions and/or massage oils. Bottled in an attractive and convenient 1 oz treatment pump, or a 2 or 4 oz amber glass bottle to protect the healing constituents.