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Donna's Essential Oil Blend


Customized, researched professional 100% pure blend of essential oils

This blend was customized and formulated at the request of one of our long-time and favorite customers. She had scabies and medical treatments weren't working. She is a beautiful young woman with an active life and this infestation was ruining her life and possibly her job. All of that just to let you know I put my heart into this blend because it was "personal". All of my blends have been formulated due to a need at some point in time in our family or a friend. I found a lot of helpful research and helpful feedback from some of my professional clinical aromatherapy Facebook groups. I will be writing a blog about all of the information I was able to gather about this very debilitating condition and will include the research citations.

Included in this blend are the essential oils of Sweet Marjoram, Tea Tree, Lavender, Benzoin, Cinnamon Leaf, Peppermint and Plai.

10 mL and 15 ml sizes available with safety dropper caps.