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Enchanted Evening™ Blend Essential Oils


100% pure undiluted Enchanted Evening™ Blend essential oil.

The perfect aromatherapy blend for a perfect evening. This is a unique, professionally blended, mix of essential oils that results in a warm, deep, sensuous fragrance pleasing to both men and women. The blend not only smells wonderful, but the synergy of the oils chosen is specifically to help relieve stress and revitalize and it also has skin healthy properties. 

  • Ylang-ylang - In Indonesia the flowers are spread on the beds of newly married couples on their wedding night
  • Geranium - Effective in relieving nervous tension and alleviating stress-related conditions
  • Myrrh - Used by the Ancient Egyptians for perfumes and cosmetics. This oil can be revitalizing to the skin and effective for chapped, cracked skin, or fighting wrinkles (not recommended during pregnancy or lactation)
  • Vanilla - a grounding, warm, cozy and familiar natural aroma said to be one of mens' favorites
  • Patchouli - Grounding, anti-depressant, reported to increase circulation and beneficial for soothing damaged skin
  • Lavender - Relieves fatigue, calming and soothing. We use a high grade, high-altitude lavender - the classic relaxing oil
  • Clary Sage -Helps soothe stressed nerves and emotions.
  • Sweet Orange - Bright, warm, fresh, cheerful, calming, relaxing and uplifting. Citrus oils also are known to have immune enhancing properties.
  • Calming
  • Relaxing
  • Very good personal natural perfume
  • Soothing, revitalizing

5 ml, 10 ml and 15 ml sizes available with safety dropper caps.

Perfect for an evening bath or a way to calm the entire family when diffused into the room. It also smells very good and makes a very good natural perfume.

Pure, unadulterated and undiluted customized blend of the essential oils of Geranium (Egyptian), Clary Sage, organic Lavender (High Altitude),  Ylang-ylang, Benzoin, Myrrh (not recommended during pregnancy or lactation), Vanilla oleoresin and Dark Patchouli. 

This and our Mellow Me blend are my favorite blends and even after having made and used them for many years, I still stop and re-smell it when I'm making it. I wipe up any spills with a tissue and keep it close by and continue to sniff it throughout the day. This blend is so warm, soothing and very relaxing and calming. Although as I researched and formulated this blend for the purpose of relaxing and calming and I honestly did not consider the fragrance at that time. But then after I had blended it and let it sit for the appropriate amount of time, I was blown away with how very good it smelled! So, I often use this blend as an amazing natural perfume! We do have our other products such as creams, powders, soap and body mists that contain this blend. I personally use the powder everyday as a natural deodorant. I've yet to have a customer smell this blend who doesn't stop and exclaim about how wonderful the scent is. I'm not trained as a natural perfumer so I think intuitively this just came out smelling better than I could possibly have planned. As far as how to use it - it can be diluted and used as a perfume, very good in bath salts (use a natural emulsifier like honey or salt though or else the essential oils just sit on top of the water), personal inhalers, blend into your own unscented lotions or creams, very good in massage oils and we do make it into a powder that is particularly popular. 



Personal testimonial: I have a chronic inability to stay asleep and have had this issue for as long as I can remember. I wake up multiple times during the night (and, of course, now with Fitbit this is no longer just my imagination) and usually pray myself back to sleep. I've done much research and trials in this area, but I have found that this blend works very effectively to stop my "busy brain syndrome". I simply take about 3 Kleenex and put into a ball into my hand and drop approximately 5 drops of this blend (and will alternate with some of our Sleepy Time blends, Mellow Me blend, and Breathe Easy blend) and as I sleep on my side, I place my hand with the essential-oil infused Kleenex in front of my face and will fall back to sleep. Yes, I will sometimes wake up and find that I've dropped the Kleenex, so I keep a box of tissues by my bedside along with the essential oil blend so I can make a new ball of tissues. The "thing" about this method is that it is simple and easy and one of the causative factors for long-term insomniacs such as myself is the chronic anxiety and rapid heart rate that happens when I'm afraid I won't be able to sleep or go back to sleep. This practice has helped so much in alleviating this. People ask me why I don't just diffuse it through the night and honestly, I have found that the direct inhalation is more beneficial.

We seriously do have so many verbal testimonials about this blend and I have not been diligent about collecting them, so would greatly appreciate any comments you might have after using this blend.

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