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Fir Needle, Silver (Abies alba) – Wildcrafted essential oil


100% pure Fir Needle, Silver essential oil (Abies alba)

Country of Origin – Austria

Undiluted, pure, aromatherapeutic

Steam distilled from the needles, wild-crafted, unsprayed - new and fresh shipment, GC/MS coming soon.

10 ml and 15 ml sizes available in amber glass bottles with safety dropper cap

I have fallen in love with the fir essential oils this year after we learned from Robert Tisserand's updated edition of "Essential Oil Safety" that the essential oils high in 1,8-cineole should not be used with young children - but a great substitution would be the pines and firs. We carry three different ones now and I love all three. They smell so refreshing and uplifting. They do remind me of the times we have stayed in Minnesota at a lake and our cabin was surrounded by conifers - seriously, I don't know for sure which was which - a pine tree, a cedar tree or a fir tree - but it smelled so calming, relaxing and refreshing. The chemical constituents are much the same and lend these benefits to all of them. Let me just add that some of the big brands (and actually I do like the way they smell) carry a line of "fir" types, but these are synthetic and although they do smell good, they will not carry the therapeutic properties that pure essential oils can and do and do contain phthalates. On my bucket list for this year is to be able to differentiate which is which. We did learn that in high school - but that was a long time ago for me.

Current research and the better aromatherapy texts give the following attributes to this oil:

  • Beneficial for respiratory issues for all ages
  • Calming for coughs and lung inflammation
  • Helpful for sinus congestion and inflammation
  • Useful for muscle aches and pains
  • Emotionally uplifting and refreshing

Click here to read a blog I wrote, originally in 2014 and then reposted, about the differences in the fir species and essential oils.


Pure, undiluted, wild-grown, unsprayed aromatherapeutic steam distilled essential oil of Silver Fir (Abies alba).

All essential oils should be used with caution, and special caution with internal use. This practice is not recommended or encouraged by most professional aromatherapists unless you have a good working knowledge of the different cautions for each oil. The cautions are not, as many large companies are telling their associates, related to how pure a particular oil is. These cautions are related to many things, not the least of which would be whether you understand if a particular oil might interfere with any medications you may taking, including over-the-counter and herbal supplements. That being said, the fir essential oils carry an added caution against oral use. They also need to be well diluted prior to topical use. These oils also need to be fresh, and kept in dark bottles and preferably refrigerated. These oils can oxidize easily and thereby increasing the chances of skin irritation and decreasing their therapeutic value.

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