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Mandarin (Citrus deliciosa Ten.) organic essential oil


Mandarin, Red essential oil (Citrus deliciosa), Organically grown, Cold pressed

Country of Origin – Italy 
Botanical Family - Rutaceae
Botanical synonyms - Citrus reticulata

5 ml, 10 ml and 15 ml sizes available in dark amber bottles with safety dropper caps


Properties attributed to this essential oil:

  • Sedative, calming, relaxing
  • Very helpful for insomnia (see our Sleepy Time and Sleepy Baby blends)
  • Tonic
  • Antiseptic and good for acne or oily skin
  • Good for digestive issues such as indigestion or intestinal problems
  • Hypnotic
  • Used in natural perfumery

GC/MS: Cold-Pressed from the organic rind

Limonene - 83%
Gamma terpinene - 9%
Myrcene - 2%
Alpha pinene - 1.5%
Beta pinene - 1%
Methyl N Methylanthranilate - 0.24%

There are many different varieties of mandarins (and citrus fruits in general). If you are interested in plants and some of the more minute botanical details, here is an excellent link for further information - Citrus Pages.

Mandarin is one of those oils I turn to when I'm just "down in the dumps". It is also one of my favorite ingredients for a natural summer perfume mixed with something like Petitgrain and it reminds me of a synthetic perfume I wore as a teenager called Muguet de Bois (Lily of the Valley). It was a cheap drug store brand (it may still be around), but I loved it because it smelled so fresh and clean. Mandarin has a similar botanical background to tangerines and the two are often confused, but not when it comes to the essential oils. Tangerine is sweeter, Mandarin is brighter, richer but mellow. Our latest batch is probably the best I've ever experienced and when it is gone, I will be disappointed. Batches do change somewhat from season to season, but all of the Mandarin essential oils I have sampled are really very nice.

This is a pure 100% undiluted and unadulterated concentrated cold-pressed from the rind, organic, essential oil of Mandarin (Citrus deliciosa)

As with all essential oils, please use diluted properly. This oil is safe for children and is one of the few citrus oils that has a furanocoumarin content that is not considered to be enough to cause a phototoxic reaction (see "Essential Oil Safety" by Robert Tisserand). However, it does contain a high amount of limonene, which has many many health benefits when FRESH. We store all of our citrus oils in a refrigerator, purchase them in smaller amounts to assure a fresh batch, and would ask that you do the same. Oxidized oils should not be used therapeutically if at all. Some large companies recommend using citrus oils added to water. We don't agree with the internal use of any essential oil without advice from a qualified certified aromatherapist and/or health professional who has been certified in aromatherapy from an approved school. Citrus oils taken internally are an even greater risk because they are inherently solvents, don't mix with water, and finding a fresh citrus oil from a large company is going to be a risk unless they tell you just how fresh it is - or isn't.

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