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Sacha Inchi oil - certified organic ingredient


Sacha Inchi oil (Plukenetia volubilis), cold-pressed, unrefined, virgin, 100% certified organic ingredient.

 This oil is certified organic through QAI (USDA-accredited certifying agent). Our lot #26010-612060

Country of Origin: Peru

Certified organic, cold-pressed, virgin, and an exceptional oil to use as a carrier for your own aromatherapy massage, stand-alone facial oil or for your own DIY projects. 

We know where our certified organic oils come from and realize how important that is to know as there are so many adulterated oils on the market. This is a new oil for us and we have been testing it in different applications. Frankly - we love it! 

Fatty Acid Profile: (area %)
C:16:0 - Palmitic - 4.05
C:18:0 - Stearic - 2.81%
C:18:1 - Oleic - 9.48%
C:18:2 - Linoleic - 34.34%
C:18:3 - Linolenic - 48.62%

Available in convenient PET bottles or amber glass bottles, 1 oz (treatment pump bottle), 2 oz, and 4 oz sizes. We recommend if storing for any length of time, to store in amber or other colored glass. We store ours in large wine bottles and use a vacuum cap that protects the beneficial properties - and we store in a cold room or refrigerator, as we do all of our oils.


Plukenetia volubilis – try saying that three times in a row – is pressed from the seeds of the bush. Is originates from areas where there are tropical forests and has been cultivated for many years by the indigenous people of these regions. It is said that this oil contains over 47% Omega 3, and over 38% Omega 6 fatty acids and is, therefore, considered to be one of the most concentrated sources of plant based Omega 3 essential fatty acids known to be available.

INGREDIENTS: Contains undiluted 100% certified organic, virgin, Sacha Inchi Oil.


We do not add extra vitamin E or rosemary extract to our oils prior to shipping them to you, but we suggest that you do. We also keep all our carrier oils refrigerated and again, would suggest that you do also. If you are not ordering this in an amber glass bottle, you will greatly enhance the shelf life and beneficial properties by placing it in an amber glass bottle.

We love this new oil. It has been described as a bright, light yellow liquid oil. It has a unique natural nutty scent – very subtle and very natural smelling.

This oil penetrates nicely into the skin and leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturized. Because it is so rich in natural vitamin E, as well as other antioxidants, it is definitely feeding your face. It is said that this particular oil is unique also in that it has a one-of-a-kind balance of Omega 3, 6 and 9 and this is not found in any other vegetable oils – who knew? We have found that it is very good for relieving any itchy skin condition, as well as scaly or dry irritated skin. Since this oil also contains a good percentage of Vitamin A, it would be the perfect choice to include in a blend for blemished problem skin. Our list of suggested uses:

  • Natural anti-oxidant 
  • Improves skin health and moisture balance 
  • Reduces the appearance of aging skin 
  • Good for hair care blends to strengthen and moisturize both the hair and scalp Sensitive skin, that is cracked and/or damaged
  • Excellent also for lip and nail blends 
  • Very moisturizing and a natural emollient
  • Contains high amounts of Vitamins A and E which makes it perfect for any skin type.


TESTIMONIALS/REVIEWS: Please do let us know how you used and/or enjoyed this oil by writing to Ann at annrn@wingsets.com. We will then share your results here and on Facebook (if agreeable to you).