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Sweet Almond oil - certified organic ingredient



(Prunus amygdalus dulcis)

This oil is certified organic through QAI. Our Lot #50221-11216

Country of Origin: Italy

This is truly the highest quality (as are all of the oils and butters we purchase and use in our products) you could ask for - which is so very important for those things we are putting on our skin. The oil is cold-pressed, as opposed to expeller pressed, and it is certified organic which, of course, eliminates the issues of pesticides and herbicides. Sweet almond oil is a well-known and often used carrier oil used both for its nutritional benefits and its benefits for skin health. Our almond oil is a clear light yellow liquid. It is a lightweight oil and is known to be rich in the antioxidants vitamin A, E and B as well as essential fatty acids listed below. 

Fatty Acid Profile (Area %)

C:16:0 Palmitic 7.1%
C:18:0 Stearic 2.5%
C:18:1 Oleic 65.7%
C:18:2 Linoleic 23.6% 

It is important, of course, to make the distinction between sweet almond (Prunus amygdalus dulcis) and bitter almond (Prunus amygdalus amara), both of which produce oil. Sweet almonds contain approximately 45% oil, bitter almonds approximately 38% oil. Oil from bitter almond goes rancid more easily and is NOT suitable for use on skin as it may cause prussic acid poisoning. Obviously, sweet almond oil is considered to be much safer to use, but again, it is important to know there are two widely different almond oils in the marketplace.

Sweet almond oil is obtained from the seed of the almond tree,  which grows up to 20 to 26 feet tall. It also has large amounts of beautiful white or red blossoms. Sweet almond oil is obtained from the dried kernel of sweet almonds. Our sweet almond oil is a clear, light yellow oil with a pleasant taste and odor. It is much thinner and runnier than other carrier oils such as olive oil or castor oil as it consists mainly of oleic acid and contains almost no solid fatty acids.

Sweet almond oil is a classic, mild, soft, smooth and semi-oily oil, which means it spreads nicely and contributes to making the skin soft, smooth and supple. It can be used for most skin types and in a variety of products. It is also very similar in properties to the other Prunus oils, namely apricot kernel oil, and peach kernel oil.

100% pure, certified organic sweet almond oil (by QAI), unrefined, cold-pressed.

We do not add vitamin E or rosemary extract, but suggest that you do after you receive it. We refrigerate all of our carrier oils upon arrival and suggest that you do also, with possibly the exceptions of jojoba and olive oil.

Sweet almond is very light sensitive and direct sunlight can cause it to go rancid.

Contraindications: Check for nut allergies. Check first to make sure the oil does not stain your linens if you are using this for a massage oil. 

USES: Sweet Almond Oil has been used for many years and is a classic oil for skin care. It is known to be a mild, non-irritating skin oil. It spreads well and is easily absorbed by the skin and is known for its ability to make the skin soft, smooth and supple. It has a semi-oily to oily feeling on the skin and is good for all skin types. This is a great oil to be used for massage, or skin lotions, creams and ointments. It is often referred to as a "long" oil, which means that it can cover a large surface area with just one drop and spreads well, in contrast to other "short oils" such as castor, evening primrose and shea butter, each of which alone do not spread well. It also has a long “surface time” which means that it is slowly absorbed by the skin and is, therefore, excellent for a whole body massage oil. It blends well with all different types of vegetable oils.

  • Very good for making oil-based perfumes because it has no fragrance of its own.
  • Very useful for making products that address itchy skin, such as eczema, psoriasis and even acne.
  • Extremely good for baby products since it so effectively softens the skin
  • Can be used effectively as a make-up remover.
  • Is also very useful as a hair conditioning oil. 

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