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Chamomile, Roman essential oil (Anthemis nobilis)


Essential oil of Roman Chamomile

Anthemis nobilis - 100% undiluted, organically grown, aromatherapeutic
Country of Origin – United States, steam distilled

5 ml, 10 mL sizes - with a safety dropper cap. TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK.

I love this oil! It is one of a select few that I would never be without because it is effective and works for several different things. The scent is not one of my favorites and is often referred to in aromatherapy texts as "apple", but I don't smell that. I do smell a warm, comforting scent though. I wouldn't use it alone, but always in a blend. It has a long well-known history for its calming properties, for the mind, the soul and your muscles. I use it in our sleepy time blends. It is one of the few essential oils I have no issues recommending for babies (other than possible allergies for both adults and children). Ours is organically grown here in the USA and distilled from the flowers. The small white flowers are not as abundant on this plant as on some other flowering plants seen often in aromatherapy, which accounts for its high price, but well worth it.

*  Calming to mind and soul
*  Helpful for sleep issues
*  Skin soothing for any irritations or rashes
*  Muscle soothing

No indications for issues with pregnancy, children or animals. 

IMPORTANT: All of our products are for external use only.

We also suggest you have a good working knowledge of the use of essential oils or consult with an aromatherapy professional prior to use. In addition, Essential Oils must be properly diluted before use in order to avoid any damages to property or adverse physical effects (including injury or bodily harm). Please read our Disclaimer before using our products.

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