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Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis)


100% pure Rosemary essential oil (Rosemarinus officinalis) - ct. Cineole

Steam Distilled from the leaves - Wildcrafted 

Country of Origin – Moroccan 

Distilled summer 2014

5 ml, 10 mL and 15 ml sizes available in dark amber bottles with safety dropper cap

Rosemary essential oil is available in quite a few different chemotypes for example, camphor, cineole, verbenone and borneol. We offer the ct. cineole as the chemical components of this particular oil have a very good percentage of those constituents we find important. 

Main constituents as per our GC/MS:

1,8 cineole (also referred to as eucalyptol) - 42%
Pinene (alpha) - 13%
Pinene (beta) - 6.5%
Camphor - 11%