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Rosewater (Turkey) Hydrosol - organic ingredient


Rose Hydrosol - (organic), also referred to as a distillate. 

(Rosa damascena)

Country of Origin -Turkey

Fresh shipment, Nov. 2023 (always tested for microbial growth)

Lot #326111

More information coming later. This is what we use to make our very effective, very popular Classic Rosewater Cleanser. More hydrosols to be added today as well, including Lavender and Neroli - and more on the way.

Sizes available, 2 oz, 4 oz and 8 oz - shipped in your choice of beautiful amber glass bottles or PET bottles. If you choose PET, please be sure to transfer this product to amber glass and refrigerate. This makes one of the most effective and simple facial hydrating toner and especially if added to organic aloe vera juice.

certified organic ingredients, Paraben and Phthalate Free, Gluten Free Skin Products