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Stay Awake™ Essential Oil Blend


Stay Awake™ Blend essential oil 

A true aromatherapy blend that was formulated to help me drive to Lincoln after working a hospital night shift in Omaha.

  • Uplifting and energizing

  • Great for truck drivers, students or shift workers

  • Blend of essential oils known to be stimulating

  • Customized blend also known to enhance alertness

  • Beneficial properties attributed to these particular oils are also good for general health and wellness - see our 

    Essential Oil Database (still under construction but growing daily!)

    Available in both 10 and 15 ml bottles with safety dropper cap

    Essential oils used in this blend include organic Peppermint (Mentha piperita), organic Eucalyptus globulus, organic Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) 

This blend totally worked very well for me while driving back and forth from Lincoln to Omaha, NE. And, seriously, probably literally saved my life - not an exaggeration. Because it worked so surprisingly (well, yes, I was surprised at the time) I decided to use this blend as my research paper for my clinical certification in aromatherapy. I wanted others that I worked night shift with to also have the benefit of this blend. The clean, fresh scent of these oils blended together is strong and well - stimulating! This is why we call our type of aromatherapy - practical! The research is convincing into each of the oils chosen for this blend and with more recent research into how rosemary essential oil increases cognitive function. I guess I'd want that while driving for hours at a time - or working on a night shift - or driving a 18-wheeler for way too many hours. I can really only tell you from personal experience that this blend worked for me without the over-stimulation of OTC "drugs" that just made me feel hyped up and frankly awful. We recently (Sept. 2013) drove from our home in Lincoln, NE. to Spokane, Washington. It was a beautiful and awesome trip, but we drove long hours and keeping this blend simply dropped onto a kleenex and placed in the front seat console helped tremendously.

Customized, researched blend of pure unadulterated or undiluted essential oils of organic Mentha piperita (Peppermint) Essential oil, Rosemarinus officinalis Moroccan (Rosemary) Essential oil, organic Eucalyptus globulus (Eucalyptus) Essential Oil, organic Eucalyptus polybractea (Eucalyptus) Essential oil.

We’ve found that using this blend of essential oils is effective fairly simply. The oils used are pretty invasive and last a LONG time. So – we just drop a few drops (yep just a few) on a Kleenex and place it into the area we are working or driving. Yes, it works really well in an ultrasonic diffuser, but I don’t usually need to use even that to get through a long day when I need to study or concentrate. I just drop the few drops onto a Kleenex and place it close to wherever I’m working. It works really well for driving situations. Frankly, we just drop a few drops onto the floor and it immediately diffuses throughout the car and there is an immediate level of alertness and freshness. The research is clear and irrefutable – these essential oils will work for anyone whether trying to study for a test, driving long distances – or even short ones – and just to increase your cognitive abilities in any situation. It is my go-to choice if I’m teaching a class. We’ve had many people tell us how good our car smells – and it is an old car by most standards, but smells fresh and clean all the time. The other really important and particularly attractive benefit of this blend is that it enters the brain quickly, but also dissipates after about 30 to 45 minutes. So you can use it for whatever period of time you want without the awful hangover of stimulants that refuse to leave your body after hours later. Use it until you are are no longer needing the alertness, and then the effects will leave your system and you can either go to sleep or continue on with whatever you need to do - without that stimulant-hangover.

We have many testimonials about how popular this particular blend is and how others have also benefited from it. These are available on our Facebook page and we will be adding them to the website as well. If you would like to leave a comment about this blend, we would very much appreciate that.

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