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Thyme (Thymus vulgaris), ct. Linalool


100% aromatherapeutic, pure, undiluted and unadulterated Thyme, ct Linalool (Thymus vulgaris) essential oil

Benefits and properties and in-depth information coming soon!

Country of Origin – France (wild-crafted)

Steam distilled from the leaves and flowering tops
10 mL and 15 ml sizes available with safety dropper caps

A different chemotype than our ct. thymol so properties and benefits are different. This is the more gentler cousin of the thymol chemotype as linalool and thymol behave differently and provide different impacts on the skinStrongly antibacterial

  • Shown to stimulate white blood cell proliferation
  • Antispasmodic
  • Can stimulate and increase circulation
  • Strong antioxidant
  • Good for wounds
  • Brain stimulant
  • Diuretic properties
  • Hepatoprotective
  • Shown to loosen and remove mucous from respiratory tract
  • Good for digestion
  • Has been noted to help regulate (encourage) menstrual flow
  • Some suggest it for insomnia, but personally I didn't find this particularly helpful, but with a higher percentage of linalool, this would be more likely.

Battaglia mentions that there are more than 300 different varieties of thyme with Thymus vulgaris being the most common. There are at least six different chemotypes with thymol and linalool being the most common. It should be noted that "White" thyme is mostly a blended oil and will contain synthetics. It is important with this essential oil to know your chemotype.

We will be adding to this information more history and botanical/herbal information.

INGREDIENTS: 100% pure, undiluted, unadulterated Thymus vulgaris, ct. linalool.

This essential oil has the potential to be a strong skin irritant, the severity of which depending upon the chemotype. Due to the higher percentage of linalool in this batch, this lessens that possibility, but this oil MUST BE diluted prior to use.  We will also offer the thymol.

This oil has a strong odor profile, so consider that when adding to your blends. It is particularly good used as a chest rub (properly diluted at 1% or less) for respiratory issues and has been shown to be effective for whooping cough and bronchitis and also asthma relief. 

Any ingestion of this oil can cause negative interactions with certain medications. This particular essential oil inhibits platelet aggregation, so should not be used by anyone prior to or following surgery, especially in high or oral doses - or by anyone with a bleeding disorder. 

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