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Vetiver essential oil (Vetiveria zizanioides)


100% pure Vetiver essential oil

Country of Origin – Haiti
Vetiveria zizanioides (also sometimes referred to as Chrysopogon zizanioides)

Wildcrafted - Hydro-diffused from the roots
10 mL size, Lot #911130

Fresh batch, smells amazing, so wonderful in blends, but use a very light touch as this essential oil can be overwhelming as well as long-lasting. So much has been written about vetiver lately that I was almost overwhelmed when I finally sat down to write this description. For now I'll make it short and sweet as we decide how to disseminate our more in-depth essential oil profiles. The other question concerns the sustainability of vetiver from Haiti. Perfumers believe that "the most exquisite vetiver in the world is grown on the island of Haiti." Even before Hurricane Matthew destroyed so much, there were already (and continuing) economic and political issues that make this essential oil not as readily available and the prices will continue to rise. On the other  hand, the vetiver industry is extremely important in Haiti and there are several groups working on the sustainability and production issues. I will follow up with this and write further about the plant and how and where it is grown.


  • Grounding (as I write this I'm using vetiver to keep me on target!)
  • Calming
  • Recommended in many childrens' blends for hyperactivity and adults also
  • Very deep fragrance, definitely earthy (makes me think of gardening)
  • Woodsy, but not overpowering
  • Key ingredient in many expensive perfumes
  • Thick (you will probably need to remove the eurodropper cap - but please put it on again.
  • Helpful for the immune system
  • Helpful for issues of depression, stress and sleep
  • Has skin-healthy benefits
  • Useful for painful aches and pains - a great addition to an after exercise blend

100% pure, unadulterated, undiluted, aromatherapeutic essential oil of Vetiveria zizanioides.


This oil is thick and difficult to work with when making blends, much like benzoin. Before Hurricane Matthew, adulteration for Vetiver wasn't common, although I found evidence of a patent for doing so. I'm afraid the demand probably far outweighs the supply at this point and you should be concerned and know your supplier. It is a beautiful grounding addition to so many blends and is known to be pleasing to both men and women, as well as having the ability to attract the opposite sex as one perfumer mentioned. I've used it to keep a blend from being too flowery and feminine. 

Due to the thickness and stickiness of this oil, I personally don't recommend adding it to your diffuser unless you have mixed it with thinner oils to an appropriate consistency for your diffuser. 

Robert Tisserand's "Essential Oil Safety" classic recommends a dermal maximum of 15%. Isoeugenol percentage would be a consideration, so know your GC/MS, but those oils produced in Haiti should not contain any isoeugenol.

Vetiver essential oil contains no known carcinogens and, in fact, has shown "significant chemopreventive activity against human mouth epidermal carcinoma cells" - again from "Essential Oil Safety". 

Please share your review of this oil. 


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