Talk about writer’s cramp! Good grief!! I picked up at least 5 different writer’s magazines at Barnes & Noble all talking about writer’s cramp. Read a few and, no I didn’t buy one of them. I’m not a writer, I’m a manufacturer of organic and natural personal care products who does like to write about her products, ingredients, children, grandchildren, husband and our two dogs. I had planned on starting out with an article about using aromatherapy to relieve stress during the holidays – the obvious choice I’d say for our website and what we offer here. It’s written (handwritten – can you believe it?!) in a notebook and will at some point in time be transferred over to this electronic version, hopefully very soon, maybe even before the holidays are over…

Past injuries or surgeries causing pain?
In the meantime, I began to notice how often I was using our Spicey Muscle Oil and how I knew it was helping my aching neck (osteoarthritis), left knee (old surgery) and left foot (new surgery) – especially the past couple days when the weather changed to BAD! Not bad I guess for our son and grandson who came over to borrow the sleds. Point is this – I wanted to introduce you to this very helpful product and didn’t want to wait until my writer’s cramp episode was over. In the past we tried the usual deep heat type rubs, but they didn’t really get down to where the muscles just ached and certainly didn’t help the nerve pain at all. We tried even making our own menthol based cream that was better, but still didn’t address the deep nerve pain and didn’t last very long. No more though. We’ve developed a deep penetrating muscle oil that is warming, soothing, lasts a long time and works immediately. Let me introduce it to you:

Pain due to changes in weather?
Has the weather changed drastically in just the past few days in your part of the world? Well, it has here in Lincoln, NE. Lots of the white stuff and single digit temperatures. I moved to Nebraska a little over 19 years ago and I still haven’t gotten used to the cold. I guess I won’t. Cold weather, especially drastic changes, causes those muscles and joints to flare up with increased inflammation, pain and stiffness. I developed the Spicey Muscle Oil a couple of years ago after foot surgery. I had what seemed like intolerable pain in that foot for quite a long time and still do. As with most of our products, they were developed out of a practical need. This time in desperation I got out all of my books and did some research, bottled it up and ended up with what we believe to be an amazingly beneficial oil that is effective for all types of pain – arthritic, nerves, bruises, even claudication. Recently one of my customers told me she uses it for monthly cramps and it works well! Why am I telling you this you are probably asking? We’ve decided since the temperatures have dropped, that we’re not the only ones with aches and pains. How much snow did you shovel this week?!

One Week Special
We are putting our Spicey Muscle Oil on special at 20% off for one week only. I won’t go into all the benefits and reasons why this oil works so well, some of it we don’t even know, but it makes for a good read on our website. Check out the “description, ingredients and benefits” tabs. It is especially good for inflammation, swelling, and deep penetrating pain that just won’t go away. We all know that regular or chronic use of ibuprofen or Tylenol is counterproductive, so a natural remedy with organic ingredients that really works is really special. So our special Spicey Muscle Oil will be on special starting today, December 10th, and will run until December 17th – hope you get a chance to take advantage of it. Plus we still have free shipping through the month of December!

Too bad it doesn’t work for “writer’s cramp.”