This past week I’ve been working on bottling some of our special aromatherapy blends into larger bottles to meet the demands of the season. It occurred to me how many of our blends use the essential oil Eucalyptus. We use three different varieties of Eucalytpus, each similar yet used differently. You will find on our website blends in which we’ve used Eucalyptus globulus, probably the most familiar one and the most adulterated one by the large brand cleaning products and room sprays (ours isn’t!), Lemon eucalyptus, and Eucalyptus radiata. I was reading this article and felt that it would be beneficial and interesting for those of you who are interested in learning more about aromatherapy – especially some of the ones that are a “must have” in every home. Here is an article entitled 4 Amazing Things You Can do with Eucalyptus. Let us know if you have any comments, suggestions or new ways to use these very versatile and powerful – and pleasant essential oils. While you’re here you might want to check out our Organic Eucalyptus (globulus) Air Sanitizer

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Updated addendum (June 2010) - we recently added Eucalyptus polybractea, certified organic to our supply of essential oils and to our blends using Eucalyptus. This particular Eucalyptus is probably the strongest antibacterial and that is why we've added it to some of our blends used for that purpose. However, we don't and won't add it to the Breathe Easy blend because this would not be a good oil for anyone with asthma as it could produce a strong reaction. The Breathe Easy uses Eucalyptus radiata and a smaller amount of Eucalyptus globulus, both still powerful oils, but this blend was formulated to NOT elicit the same cough reflex that you find with other varieties of this amazing oil.