You should! It takes a lot less time than a doctor’s visit. What that 4 or 5-digit number says means a lot:

4-digit number – means the produce has been conventionally grown – meaning lots of use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Enough said.

5-digit number – if it begins with an “8”, means the produce is genetically modified. We avoid GMO as much as possible, but very often when you buy processed foods you have no idea what’s really in that box and much less what’s in your children’s school lunches. This is also why I recommend buying and eating food as close to the source as possible, and hopefully, you KNOW the source. Why take chances with your children’s health? We’ll be posting a blog very soon about the pro’s and con’s concerning genetically modified foods. Can you even think about Monsanto and not be concerned? All of the European Union nations, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries require the mandatory labeling of foods that contain genetically modified ingredients–the U.S. does not. However, on our produce we can tell – take advantage of it.

5-digit number – if it begins with a “9”, means you’re getting organically grown produce. Obviously, I think this is the only real choice. Do we always buy organic, well no, but we do try and the price difference is narrowing all the time. I’m a very lucky woman in that my husband does the grocery shopping. Warren found organic apples at our local Hyvee (probably the higher-priced grocery store in town) and paid $1.38 for Braeburns. The produce sticker was #94101. He also found Golden Delicious, sticker #94021, for $1.88. Not bad I’m thinking. I figure my eating organic produce now will certainly save me dollars in health care in the future. How much did that box of fake macaroni and cheese cost? The over-processed but already flavored rice?

These numbers are NOT on your barcodes, they are stickers placed directly on the apples as shown in this picture.

Let us know the prices you find for organic product. I’d like to compare different grocery stores, different towns and states.

Organically yours, (okay, not original – any suggestions?!)