I’m sure everyone has heard about BPA (bisphenol-A) by now and if you haven’t you certainly need to. Many of us in the health and wellness industry have been complaining about this issue for some time, but the FDA kept telling us that we were incorrect and they didn’t have enough evidence, etc., etc. Although we think for your health and that of your family, the FDA should NEVER be your first choice for unbiased or educated opinions, we are happy to see that they’ve recently announced that, yes, in fact, it is a harmful chemical.

Not just baby bottles, but all the plastics and canned goods in your home – including your personal care products! Wingsets uses recycle #1 and glass – don’t use #7 – look at the bottom of your bottle.

Check out this link to see what they are FINALLY doing about it. There’s a lot you can do too.
link to FDA stance on BPA