Is eating vegetarian and leaving out any dairy or even bee products such as honey or propolis - thus being vegan - healthier? Let me say that in our household we do still eat meat on occasion, actually only if we go out to eat. We've seriously been giving the dogs raw meat from our freezer that has been there for four years. I know, I know there are people starving and don't tell our family. We are trying to reduce our intake of dairy, but bee products still look like a very good option to me. We've helped hold back many a sore throat from turning into a full-fledged cold by using raw honey and essential oils. So - my question is - what are the benefits of vegan? And - what are the benefits of being vegetarian? Do people choose this or that path for ethical reasons relating to animal cruelty? My research also shows that dairy might not be a good choice, but then I read that yogurt is an excellent choice. So many choices and so little time. It can get confusing.

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I just read an extremely detailed book called "Becoming Raw" (1). This was without a doubt the most detailed book, and well-researched book (with many references for further study), that I have ever read including any and all textbooks I've been exposed to - ever. That being said, it's not an easy read, even for me with a medical background and long history of self-study and classwork in the field of nutrition. I bought this book because I wanted to learn more about eating raw and doing it right (hence our blog category "Raw done Right"). However, what this book does is give you lots of reasons to stop and ponder if raw, vegetarian or even vegan is really your best choice. The authors do a very good job of showing research after research that disproves a lot of the myths of vegetarian and/or vegan diets. 

My point and purpose of writing this particular article is to say that now I'm even more intrigued and determined to find out why vegetarian and maybe vegan is the best way to eat. I don't say it has to 100% all the time, and I will show why and when you could or should use one over the other. So - keep checking back as I begin to break down these questions into more digestible (pun fully intended) bits and pieces of understanding.

We also need your feedback - please. I want to hear why you prefer one way of eating over another. Why you perhaps don't want to leave animal products out of your diet. Did you know there is anthropological research showing that some populations do, in fact, require meat to survive? So, we need to hear from all of you and hope you'll check back for more discussion about eating vegetarian or vegan.

Thanks for Listening!


1.  Davis B., & Melina, V. Becoming Raw, The Essential Guide to Raw Vegan Diets. Summertown, TN: Book Publishing Company, 2010.