How to clean your silver - naturally.

silver place settings in a cup 

This may be an age-related, baby-boomer issue and totally not related to aromatherapy OR skin care, but it is related to what we feel is one of our main purposes for being a business, and that is finding ways to help you be eco-friendly and healthy. 

After graduating from high school and entering college, the new life of setting up my own housekeeping items became really interesting and exciting. My mother and my sister began to give me pieces of silver on birthdays and Christmas, including silver-plated serving dishes as well as sterling silver place settings. They also have given me a complete set of beautiful place settings of the fine china I picked out many years ago though often forgotten.  I have a fairly good selection that I continue to box up and take with me every time I move. Truthfully, these items although very nice have been seldom used. Why? Because there was always the issue of cleaning them before a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner when you already have a load of things to do and little time to do them. I seriously in the past had never considered the environmental impact of the silver cleaner I might be using. I personally love the look of a table full of silver serving dishes and place settings for those special occasions. There is something so very satisfying about pulling out that often-forgotten silverware and china and making the table setting special for special occasions and special people - lots of specials! Again, this may be not even be an issue for generation X or Y. But for those of us who do have pieces of silver we've been holding onto for sentimental reasons, I say it's time to get them out of their dusty boxes and start using them. And to do that - we usually have to polish them.

formal place setting with silver and china 

Actually, the price of silver has been steadily increasing this year but has taken a  recent 4-day hit this week and is now declining in price. I say, all the more reason to hold onto your silver and take good care of it! I hold onto my silver for reasons not related to monetary value, but that is, of course, something that could be considered. Here is an article that gives you easy and eco-friendly ways to clean that silver.  I'm curious - do you still use silver-plated or sterling silver place settings? If so, when and how? Do you use them often or just for special occasions? Have you had sterling silver passed down to you from your family? Do you have an easy way to keep them clean?

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Thanks for listening!