Monarch Butterflies need our help!

You would only have to take a cursory glance at our website to see that we have a passion for butterflies. Actually pictures and symbols of butterflies are ubiquitous in marketing because they are special and represent different things to different people - but they have meaning. Well, butterflies - the real ones, and specifically the Monarch butterfies, that are seen everywhere are endangered. Here is a plea and a copy of the situation from the Read this and follow the link and sign the petition. We're going to plant some milkweed!

"Dear Lisa Jackson, EPA administrator:

The beautiful monarch butterfly is facing some tough times. This North American symbol of majesty and peace has seen a sharp increase in habitat and food source loss over the past few years, which can mostly be attributed to pesticides and habitat loss.

The monarch butterfly has a fascinating and unique life cycle. Each year when the cycle begins, the butterflies fly north to lay their eggs. Three sets of generations are born within the next few months, and survive by feeding on their chosen source of nutrition — the milkweed plant. In fall, the third generation migrates thousands of miles to warmer climates like Mexico, where they band together in massive droves and hibernate in Oyamel trees.

But both ends of this life cycle are now being threatened. Farmers in the United States have begun using pesticides that kill off milkweed, and logging in Mexico continues to deplete the monarch habitat. The butterflies are facing trouble in each step of their growth.

I am writing in hopes that you will acknowledge this growing problem and devise a strategy to save our majestic monarch from further destruction.

Thank you."

Follow this link and sign the petition. Thank you!