Rosemary stimulates hair growth!


I was going through the book on planting seeds for this spring and came across an article once again that talked about Rosemary and Nettles being good for stimulating the hair follicles and thus hair growth (yes I know nettles are weeds, but they're GOOD weeds!)  I have seen folk lore and actual research using essential oils in the past, which is why I formulated our Borage Hot Oil Hair Treatment to include rosemary, lavender, cedarwood and thyme. We use the essential oils in a certified organic borage oil base, but you could use your own herbs to make a shampoo or rinse. I have to admit I like the idea of cutting fresh rosemary, lavender, cedarwood and thyme and making an infusion of it and using it to rinse my hair. But, I'm not sure how practical it is or if it would actually have any lasting affect. Essential oils are concentrated oils from the plant itself and are, therefore, very powerful.

I'm sharing the highlighted article not because it's new news, but because it's always good to see someone else recommend something you believe in. In another link here - there is a review of the research done previously showing the benefits of these 4 essential oils for stimulating hair growth. It would be an easy thing to do to - simply place the correct dilution of oils into a shampoo or conditioner that you are now using and test it for yourself. You can find our 100% undiluted clinical grade of each of these oils in our aromatherapy section

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Okay - so please let me know if you've used these oils before and/or in this combination and especially if you've found the blend helpful. The borage oil is also a very hair-healthy ingredient. 

Thanks for listening!