This is the “miracle oil” that has been used in skin care for centuries, and the cosmetics industry is finally catching on to it! Studies show that Emu oil used in skin care products can have these benefits:

Non-irritating to the skin
Highly penetrating and well absorbed into the skin
Beneficial effects on wounds, such as burns

Emu oil is rapidly gaining recognition as an invaluable cosmetic ingredient. Current studies attribute very promising benefits to Emu oil. It has been reported to have an extraordinary ability to penetrate the skin. Emu oil seems to act as a carrier for carrying other ingredients. It is non-comedogenic, and is completely non irritating. It has been suggested that emu oil can reduce inflammation and redness of the skin, reduce the formation of wrinkles and restore moisture to irritated, dry skin. In addition, it is said to reduce inflammation and pain of sore muscles and joints. It may therefore, be helpful with conditions such as arthritis. It has been recommended for use in healing burns and preventing the formation of scar tissue while encouraging rapid repair of damaged tissue. It should be a “must have” item for the medicine cabinet. A blend of emu oil, water and lavender essential oil in a spray bottle seems to rapidly heal wounds, burns, stitches, and even hot spots in dogs. Used in soap at 10-20%, emu oil will make a hard bar with stable, moisturizing lather. Use emu oil in essential oil blends to help deliver the oils into the skin. Use Emu oil in massage or sports blends to help relieve soreness and inflammation. Emu oil becomes creamy looking at 65° F and will solidify if kept colder. Refrigeration is recommended if you plan to store emu oil for longer than 3 months. The uses and benefits of this oil are endless and certainly deserve more space than can be afforded here. In short, studies have suggested that emu oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, encourages healing, stimulates skin, hair and nail growth, has a natural SPF, is a natural emollient and moisturizer, penetrates multiple layers of skin, is non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic, prevents and diminishes scarring/stretch marks and more. It may also prove to be a great oil to use for skin disorders and allergies.

Our fully refined emu oil is sourced only from US domestic farm raised emu, and supports sustainable alternative agriculture for the preservation of family farming. Our Emu oil is refined using a natural process. No solvents or chemicals have been used, and the integrity of the oil and its bioactive properties have not been compromised in any way. 1% of natural tocopherol (Vitamin E) has been added to our emu oil in order to provide a stable oil for use in cosmetics. During the refinement process, the oil is sterilized, bleached and deodorized using natural silica clays and vacuum steam pressure. We, therefore, are able to supply the highest quality emu oil with stable shelf life without having lost any of its properties through harsh chemical/heat refinement procedures.
Emu oil contains approximately 70 % unsaturated fatty acids. It is 40% oleic acid, which is mono- unsaturated. Emu oil also contains both of the two essential fatty acids (EFA’s) which are important to human health: 20 % linoleic, and 1 – 2 % alpha-linolenic acid. In soaps these fatty acids contribute to a hard bar with superior conditioning properties.

Our Emu oil undergoes an all-natural refining process without the use of harsh chemicals. The process uses clay adsorbents to remove color and odor. During the processing procedure the oil passes through six separate filtrations that removes proteins and cleans the oil. The finish product is a pure sterile oil. It has a smooth, creamy texture ranging from white to straw yellow. The oil is completely odorless.

The refining lab which produces our oil has been approved by American Oil Chemists Society. The oil meets and exceeds all the standards of the American Emu Association Oil Standards Team. For additional information about Emu Oil, check out the American Emu Association site