An infused oil containing the active ingredients of the marigold flower and is sometimes referred to as Marigold oil. It is has been traditionally used for skin care in the Mediterranean regions to help preserve skin freshness, protect skin from over drying, and to help reduce sun-induced wrinkles and sun caused aging during summer time. The anti-aging properties of Calendula oil, known to ancient Egyptians, may be related to the high content and diversity of carotenes, phytosterols, polyphenols and EFAs. Calendula dates back to the days of the ancient Egyptians. Yet even today it remains one of the most popular herbs for supporting healthy-looking skin. When mixed with other oils such as olive oil, calendula becomes even more nourishing

We infuse our own now using organic extra virgin olive oil or organic rice bran oil and infuse it at very low temperatures over 2 weeks in order to extract as much as we can of the beneficial properties of this healing oil.

Uses – Calendula oil is good for all skin types, and is considered valuable for treating skin damage such as wounds, scars, burns, inflammation and other injuries as it is said to be an effective aid in tissue regeneration. It has anti- inflammatory, anti-spasmodic qualities and particularily blends well with Hypericum (St. John’s Wort). It is best when infused in a light textured oil such as almond or sunflower. Calendula is a tonic, soothing, restorative oil, good for any type of skin, but especially suitable for dry and/or aging skin. When used regularly this product will impart a deep olive shine to the skin, and helps protect the skin from age related thinning and drying out. It is magical in its ability to prevent tearing, soothe pain, stop bleeding, promote rapid healing, and prevent scarring. Calendula lotion will not cause the irritation common to conventional antiseptics. Used externally, Calendula is one of the best herbs for treating burns, scalds, cuts, abrasions, and infections because of its antiseptic qualities, improving blood flow to the affected area.

Cautions – No Known toxicity, considered safe in normal applications. There are no known drug interactions with Calendula, although occasional interactions may occur in cases of allergic reaction.