Hello again Ann,
True to your word, the Hemp Emu Oil Cream is wonderful. My husband uses it on a daily basis and his hands are wonderful now. This is a product I will never be without.  Note: Skin Renewal Intensive Facial Complex is new name for Hemp Emu Oil Cream first formulated 8 years ago.

Thanks so much,

Joanna, Maryland:
Hi, Ann!

First of all, I’d like to than you so much for answering my email — and also for making such an amazing product! I’ll start off by saying that I’ve been researching and using organic skin care products since my early twenties (so about a decade so far), and your Organic Skin Renewal Intensive Facial Complex Cream has just about every ingredient I could want in a successful anti-aging, skin healing product. Also, I don’t think I have used a skin cream this thick, whipped, and buttery since I got my hands on some fresh unrefined shea butter a long time back.
Yesterday, my kitten accidentally scratched my hand fairly intensely. I cleaned it up, made sure it wasn’t bleeding, and after a few hours, I applied a tiny amount of the Facial Complex. When I woke up this morning, the scratch was already much better. And of course the Complex does great things for my eczema and occasional pimples. It’s just so rich and soft. A little bit goes such a long way. I am definitely going to buy more jars in the future.