This is the ONLY thing that gets rid of my son’s diaper rash.  We have tried everything!  I have recommended your product to about 20 new moms over the past 6 months.  Thanks for making such a great product!  ~ Brandi K., Cedar Park, TX.

Hi, I want to tell you I love your boo boo bottom for babies and your lavender bath salts and soaps! I was hoping to overnight some to my best friend in DC, she had her baby a few days ago and the bath salts would a be a life saver for her, I also wanted to get her the boo boo bottom. Can I over night it from the website? My mom is a midwife here in Lincoln and purchased some from you before. Thanks Natalie, Murry, Utah.

Well your products are great! I will try to help spread the word of the great experience I have had with the boo boo bum as well as the lavender dead sea salts and the soaps! My mom always tells her clients too!:)

"My 7 month old boy has had horrible eczema on the side of his check and head.. I put this on and in 24 hours it was gone... Yeah.. Thank you so much" - Heidi, Lincoln, NE

"I love this diaper rash creme! I bought it before my baby ever had problems with diaper rash, just in case. I am so thankful I did. At the first sign of a rash I cover his little bottom with the creme and it’s gone by the next day, if not sooner. As an added bonus the scent of the creme is amazing!"

Becky Allen, Ohio

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