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I want you to know that I love, love, love your Skin Renewal Intensive Facial Complex. I  use the flat back of a little flat spoon to scoop out a pat to put on my face each night. This keeps my hand germs out of the cream. It came from a gelato shop (little flat spoons for little scoops of gelato.)  It has really kept the wrinkles at bay and also my face just has a youthful glow (as long as I get enough sleep). This cream is too greasy for day wear but I notice that you have a lavender cream for that.  I am turning 62 this June and I look way younger than that.  I have been taking care of my face most of my adult life, including wearing hats in the summer sun. I make up my own toner/cleanser that works well for me. I also use just jojoba oil to remove my eye makeup. I rely on others for the rest of my facial care.  I am an ingredient reader and it is important that I don’t put toxic things on my face and skin.  I have been using essential oils for years as well as flower essences. I love to put flower essences in my facial creams. - Peg M., Santa Rosa, CA

Your Organic Skin Renewal Intensive Facial Complex cream is wonderful and I am so pleased with the way it is improving my skin.  I have a question regarding storing the cream. We are expecting temperatures around 90 degrees this weekend and I wonder if I should keep the cream in my refrigerator ? Please advise. Thank you in advance! - Shirley, Plano, TX

        Our answer to Shirley - yes, if the temperature in your house is going to be above 75 degrees, it is a good idea to keep perhaps a small jar in your bathroom and a larger jar in your refrigerator. We don't use artificial stiffeners - it's the shea butter that makes it so thick and shea butter melts or gets softer at those temperatures.


I love your oils and your face regimen. Consider me a repeat customer!

Sarah, Houston, TX

The Renewal Facial Cream has gotten better and better, to the point where everyone who comes to my house asks to use it. My husband loves it for his dark undereye circles, my best friend loves it for her post-surgery scars, and of course I love it because it keeps my skin smooth, soft, silky, bright, nourished, firm, and youthful. So, thanks again!

Rated 5 out of 5: Joanna, Maryland:

Hi, Ann!

First of all, I’d like to than you so much for answering my email — and also for making such an amazing product! I’ll start off by saying that I’ve been researching and using organic skin care products since my early twenties (so about a decade so far), and your Organic Skin Renewal Intensive Facial Complex Cream has just about every ingredient I could want in a successful anti-aging, skin healing product. Also, I don’t think I have used a skin cream this thick, whipped, and buttery since I got my hands on some fresh unrefined shea butter a long time back.

Yesterday, my kitten accidentally scratched my hand fairly intensely. I cleaned it up, made sure it wasn’t bleeding, and after a few hours, I applied a tiny amount of the Facial Complex. When I woke up this morning, the scratch was already much better. And of course the Complex does great things for my eczema and occasional pimples. It’s just so rich and soft. A little bit goes such a long way. I am definitely going to buy more jars in the future.

Hi, Ann! The new version Intensive Facial Renewal Cream with sea buckthorn oil just arrived, and both jars are cooling in my mini-fridge, since I do that with all my skin care. I just wanted to say I LOVE IT. Oh, WOW, Ann, that orange golden color is so beautiful! I think it is absolutely perfect. I am so, so thrilled that you took my suggestion to heart and added this magnificent oil, because sea buckthorn is a real jewel in skin care. I applied some cream to my face, neck, hands, and lips. It was just like a silky, creamy, fruity smoothie and it absorbed quickly. My skin really feels hydrated and nourished. I've been have an eczema flare lately, and I can tell that the Facial Cream is already working its magic to soothe my skin. This is wonderful!