From: Ashley A. - Just wanted you to know that I ordered the spicey muscle rub, I think it's called for my Grandpa a few months back. They have since ordered more! It's the only thing he has found that helps his back pain. Several doctors have told him he has the worst back they have ever seen and due to his health conditions isn't a candidate for surgery. They are extremely grateful for something that manages his pain!

I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis a couple of years ago. My feet hurt so bad in the mornings that I thought I was having circulation problems in my legs! The doctor put me on Naproxen, and I soon discovered ringing in my ears and did not like the side effects from it. In the past I always just took Ibruprofen for aches and pains, then I discovered Wingset’s Spicey Muscle Oil!

I take photographs as a side job and working weddings or full day photo shoots really do a number on my plantar fasciitis flare ups. I noticed immediate results in my feet and the next morning using the oil. It was truly a miracle!

I will never again take Naproxen for my foot problem, and actually have started using the Spicey Muscle Oil for many other aches and pains. It helped with my recent shingles nerve pain in my back…I’m on my computer daily and my neck pain gets to bothering but the muscle oil relieves it nearly instantly! I use it on my back and legs after photo shoots and barely get sore like I used to! Great for “that time of the month” cramps too!

Thanks Wingsets!

-Melody, Nebraska