Recent testimonial from our customer Kathy. Thanks Kathy for letting us know - it means a lot to us:

"This insect repellent works great! We have two wetlands practically in our front and back yards and the mosquitoes come out in force during the summer. This spray works much better at keeping the mosquitoes away than the over-the-counter maximum deet products I have tried. The light citrussy fragrance is very pleasant. The natural ingredients leave my skin feeling really soft and smelling nice, unlike the drug store products. It's so nice that an all natural product that actually works better than the chemical ladened products from the drug store is available. Thanks for providing a much needed service and product line!" 

From Kathy H., Nebraska: "

My friend and I were talking in the front yard yesterday and instantly the bugs were out. Some quick sprays of your herbal insect repellent and we were fine. I love the smell, sooooo much better than that chemical stuff!

From Keeley M who works in Trinidad:

I work in the jungle in Trinidad and am constantly bombarded by all types of biting, stinging critters. I've experimented with various natural bug sprays and NOTHING has worked like your Herbal Insect Repellent! It works even better than the chemical bug repellants that my colleagues use. I've never heard of anything that keeps away no-see-ems, sand flies, and mosquitoes. It also smells good enough to use as perfume! This product is definitely worth it.