I really like your Mellow Me products. Prior to using Mellow Me I wasn't completely sold on the idea of aromatherapy, but decided to try a bar of soap even though I prefered the scent of some of your other soaps. After using your Mellow Me soap I noticed that I really did feel more relaxed and calm. I have since ordered more soap and some other from that scent line. Your lotion is almost magical.

The reason I am writing your, however, is because of my husband. Last week after finding MY soap sitting in the bottom of the shower clearly diminished in size, I mentioned to him that it is not the cheap WalMart stuff that he uses. He asked what was so special about my soap. I reluctanly told my skeptical, tough guy about how relaxed I feel when I use it and that it can help balance hormones. He smiled and let out a surprised laugh. He had accidentally used it and had noticed the pleasant effect it had on his mood. He said it made him feel happy. All without knowing a thing about aromatherapy!!!

I am sure you hear these kinds of stories all the time. Can't wait for the order I just placed. Thanks for making great products!

Tracy V.