good morning ann, well i wanted to update you on the breathing essential oils you gave me. they have been a miracle for ashton. not only has it worked marvelously in place of albuterol in his nebulizer but yesterday he had an episode where he ingested milk product that we were unaware of, which causes breathing problems and he also threw up. we put him in a steamy bath with your essential oils and he cleared right up!!

i just wanted to say THANK YOU again SO much! You have helped us incredibly. I would like to pick up another bottle later next week sometime if possible. Ashley, Lincoln, NE


Ann, I received my order yesterday and Oh My, do I love the Breathe Easy blend! I made a personal inhaler for work and not only does it help me breathe easier, it is so fresh and refreshing! I want my house to smell like this! Becky, Green Bay, Wisconsin


Your Breathe Easy essential oil in my vapor mister really helped me get thru my virus, thanks Ann! ~ Denise, Lincoln, NE


Ann- Our 2 boys (16 mos and 3) have been suffering from allergies this whole last 2 months. They seem to get better here and there when the temp drops then right back to runny noses and coughing.

The baby was very mucus filled yesterday when I got the breathe easy and immune enhancer. The 3 year old has been coughing for about 2weeks straight. We haven't had any fevers.

Last night I made a chest rub with the breathe easy and diffused the immune enhancer in their rooms overnight.

Not exagerrating....the 3 year old woke up and tried to cough(there wasn't any thing there) and the baby was snot free! Daycare provider was astonished!(to be honest, so was I!) This latest batch was PERFECT! Thanks again! Mandi, Lincoln, NE (posted 10-13-11)


Hi Ann, Been meaning to share with you how tremendously pleased I am with the effectiveness (and affordability) of your "Breathe Easy" essential oil blend. My family came to visit this weekend with colds/cough. Dabbed tissues with the stuff throughout the house as we bedded down. Helped. I use it mostly every time the kids have any cough. So effective for croup. Really surprised me that it worked (sorry! ;). Thank you for making it available for me. - Janel, Lincoln, NE