Powerhouse of pure, natural and organic antioxidants to fight every-day environmental stress on your skin!

You will immediately be able to see that this serum is full of natural stress-fighting ingredients - it's not lily white, it's yellow naturally from all of the amazing ingredients and the synergy they perform. I personally love to switch between the different serums we offer on a routine basis in order to give my skin a new boost every day. As with all our serums, a tiny drop is sufficient, which is why we provide the treatment pump bottles. The serum will spread easily, without drag, onto any area of your face you think needs it the most. I personally use it over my entire face. Don't try to "rub it in". Let it sit naturally while you brush your teeth, or any activity that gives it at least a minute or two to soak in naturally - and it will. For some people this is enough moisture for the day or night, but for most of us, you will want to follow by adding either the Every-Day Facial Cream or for more serious skin care, our Skin Intensive Renewal Cream.  Take a look at our Facial Regimen and see the paraben-free, phthalate-free,  organic choices we offer.