In this one oz. bottle we have packed just about everything you can pack to make a truly beneficial and effective serum. We’ve used Dr. Perricone’s research and ideas and formulated this product at about 1/10th of the pricey products he sells and without the harmful chemicals! Just two “pumps” from our treatment pump bottle is enough; rub it in gently after cleansing and before your lotion or cream. Let it soak in for about a minute before putting on your lotion and makeup

The combination of DMAE and MSM give this serum a synergistic property that makes this a fabulous product for mature, sensitive, irritated, dry, oily and acneic skin. Use this instead of the AAA Facial Firming Serum and apply the same way. For sensitive skins, the AAA Facial Serum can be too much if used every day – this DMAE & MSM is more gentle yet still has many of the same benefits.

Skin Types: Mature, dry, normal, sensitive and combination. pH: 4.5 – 5.5

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