This blend is most effective when diffused using our ultrasonic diffuser which offers different settings for different rooms of the house and situations. Check out our Why Aromatherapy Page and an article on how to use essential oils. You can make a chest and foot rub using approximately 4 drops of the blend in 1 oz of vegetable oil and cover the chest and feet with clothing to enhance absorption. We’ve been known to carry a kleenex on which we’ve placed a few drops of the blend and simply carry it with us and inhale it frequently throughout the day. You can also add it to your bath water, but be sure to put it in either some honey, bath salts, epsom salts or oil before adding to the bath water – otherwise the oil will sit in a pool on top of the water. This blend is sensitive to the skin and if you touch your nose with the kleenex it will be numb for a minute or two, but works very well as you can immediately feel the relief it brings to your sinuses and lungs. We also make a blend called Cold & Flu Blend #2 – that is for people who are on blood thinners of any kind, such as aspirin. This blend contains clove essential oil and cinnamon essential oil, both of which have blood thinning properties. If you are on blood thinners – use #2.