There are so many uses for this oil, that we don’t have room for them all! Our favorite is putting a few drops on a cotton ball and placing in our granddaughter’s ear for any earaches or possible infections. If she won’t leave it there, which is always a possibility with kids (she’s now almost 3 years old!), just put a couple drops of the tea tree essential oil in about 1/2 tsp of olive oil (any veggie oil – NOT MINERAL OIL!) and dip a Q-tip in the oil and swab around the inside of the ear – gently please. The vapors alone will begin to work on the earache. This oil is also great for insect bites, bee stings and we’ve read that it works on snake bites. It should be a part of your medicine kit, hiking and camping kit. We don’t ever go camping without both the Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils and I have some good stories to tell about how useful they’ve been. I’ll have to write a blog about that soon!

In the past everyone advised using Tea Tree neat, which simply means undiluted and directly on the skin. Research is coming back now that Tea Tree can be a sensitizer, so test it first and dilute it if necessary. This oil is a well-known acne eliminator, but again, our advice is don’t overuse it. We like to recommend switching back and forth from Tea Tree to Tamanu oil, available on our site as well.

Tea Tree essential oil is well-known for its ability to clear up problem skin. Wingsets Aromatherapy includes tea tree in almost all of their products because of its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. We customize our formula’s at times for those who need less or those who need more tea tree or for that matter any of our other skin renewing essential oils. We recommend that after washing your face each morning and before going to bed that if you have any bumps or spots, you apply tea tree by simply dropping just a few drops on your finger and applying it directly to the problem spot. Let it air dry. We’ve found that cotton balls simply soak up most of the oil and can leave fibrous material on the face. We also recommend that those who have combination skin use the tea tree in the same manner and put it on your T-zone (the nose area and for some the forehead). We offer tea tree 100% essential oil in our product line, but if you buy it elsewhere please be aware that some companies do adulterate their essential oils with additives that will actually make your skin worse. We learned this the hard way.

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