Lime (Citrus aurantifolia) Organic Essential Oil 

A bright, clean, refreshing essence from the fresh organic rind of lime. We use only organic citrus oils because pesticides and herbicides are concentrated in the rind. Almost all cold-pressed citrus oils (with the exception of Sweet Orange) carry phototoxic concerns. This means that these oils should not be used topically, first of all undiluted, and secondly not immediately prior to going out into the sunlight or any ultra violet rays - including sunbeds. 

We love to use it in a citrus blend and add it to any of our household cleansers. I make a nice all purpose degreaser using an equal blend of lime, pink grapefruit, lemon and orange (you can also purchase our already blended Citrus Fresh oil). My recipe uses regular liquid glycerin soap (about 1 Tbsp), 2 cups of water, and really as much of the essential oil blend you want to add since this is for cleaning. Citrus oils cut grease and gummy stuff better than anything else and you are at the same time breathing in these wonderful health-giving scents and your house will smell amazing - clean and fresh. We usually add about 20 drops depending on the type of cleaning project.

Another thing to consider with citrus oils - they oxidize and this can alter fairly quickly the important chemistry of the particular essential oil. Which is why we buy only fresh citrus oils from our supplier. We keep all of our citrus oils refrigerated and suggest you do the same. All essential oils should be stored tightly closed, leave the top off only long enough to drop the oils into whatever you are diluting it with, and keep in dark glass containers. We ask that you not remove the safety dropper cap supplied and keep them out of reach of children. It's alway a good idea to write the date on the bottle that you have received and opened the essential oil in order to keep track of the age of the oil.