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100% Pure Essential Oils: Undiluted, Unadulterated

100% Pure Essential Oils

We are giving you the full potency and benefits other aromatherapy products only claim to do.

Made with 100% pure true essential oilsThis designation means very simply that there are no synthetic chemicals added to the product in the form of fragrance, parfum or any other such indicator of a scent. As a professional clinical aromatherapist, I’m really picky about the quality of our essential oils, so the ones we use in our products are the same ones (not cheaper, diluted or adulterated) that we sell in individual 10 ml bottles for their therapeutic and beneficial properties. We’ve discovered that once you start using natural fragrances in the form of essential oil blends you will discover a noticeable difference from that of synthetic fragrances. I used to absolutely love Chanel No. 5 – you’d have to love it to spend that kind of money to wear it! But, now that I’ve experienced natural fragrances like our Mellow Me blend, I find any synthetic fragrances to be sharp and unpleasant. Many people have a much more serious reaction than just finding the aroma unpleasant and, in fact, have a serious allergic response. I personally would develop welts on my face if I used even a dab of one of my “used to be” favorite creams from the buy-3-get-the-4th-free store. The additional and probably even more important fact is essential oils are natural. Because of this your body sees them as natural and there is no immune response that happens when anything synthetic is introduced to your body. Any immune response takes up precious reserves that should be and could be better used against other environmental assaults on your body. It is also a well-known, well-researched fact that essential oils are naturally antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal – some more than others. Check out our individual assessment of each of our essential oils under the essential oil section of our website. We will be constantly adding to and updating this information as well as being actively involved in clinical research of our own. Our products will give you a better, more effective, true aromatherapy experience.

There is debate in the professional aromatherapy community concerning what constitutes a “therapeutic grade” essential oil and many say that there is no such category. There is no doubt that the words "therapeutic grade" are overused and mean little as anyone can add those words to attempt to disguise credibility. We in the past used the terms aromatherapy or clinical grades simply because it seemed the best for now to differentiate our oils from commercial oils sold to the food and fragrance industry who have little interest in the therapeutic value of the oils they purchase. Regardless, adulteration of essential oils exists in the marketplace and for that reason we carefully source all of our oils. We believe that to be considered for sale on our website or used in our products, the oil must be a 100% pure plant extract, unadulterated in any way. For that reason, our oils are tested and the GC/MS report is available for each and every one upon request. We also have our oils tested for purity and assurance that there are no residual pesticides or chemical residues in those oils that are wild-crafted. Considering the amount of pesticide use in conventionally grown crops, we are very concerned that our oils are pesticide-free. Essential oils are the concentrated oils from the plant and, therefore, any pesticides will also be concentrated. Many of our essential oils are certified organic by 3rd party certifiers such as OTCO* or QAI (who also certifies organic our carrier oils.)  Others may be grown organically or wild-crafted which often gives a better beneficial profile than an organic oil. Many plants grow easily without the need to use pesticides or herbicides.  All of our oils are tested and approved by Ann, who is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapy Professional - and she's pretty picky! If we can't use it on or family, then we can't sell it to you - that's our motto.

All essential oils are to be diluted prior to use and not for internal use. Exceptions should only be made with the assistance of a certified aromatherapist and approved by your health-care provider. Please also use our expanding essential oil database for additional information and help in incorporating this health-giving complementary alternative medicine (CAM) therapy into your lifestyle. It is a lifestyle, you will discover, as you begin to find uses each and every day for essential oils or products containing clinical/aromatherapy grade essential oils that are much better choices than the synthetic chemicals surrounding us each and every day. Essential oils now have volumes of research showing them to be highly effective as antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal and can be used easily, inexpensively and without side effects if used according to recommended practice - you will find these recommendations under each individual oil listed in our database.

Sustainability is also extremely important to us and that is why you won't see us selling Sandalwood (Santalum album) or Cedarwood Atlas  (Cedrus atlantica.) We also do not offer essential oils that have been deemed to be unsafe, such as Wintergreen. You will also see that our soaps are not made with palm oil. We are actively engaged in furthering sustainable organic agriculture, both on the local (including our own back yard) and national level. This is a number one consideration for everything we do, buy and sell. We have grandchildren and would really like to leave them a much cleaner Earth than we have now.

*Oregon Tilth and Quality Assurance International, both of which are fully accredited with the USDA National Organic Program.
Below is a dilution chart that can be helpful.
essential oil dilution chart for wingsets aromatherapy

Certified Organic Products Paraben-Free and Phthalate-Free Gluten-Free Products Vegan Skin Care Products Made with 100% pure essential oils, undiluted, unadultered Made with Accuy-Yucca Plant used in skin care products

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