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Wrinkle Repair Hydrating Serum


Wrinkle Repair Hydrating Serum -
100% certified organic ingredients 

Naturally cleaner and more beautiful skin…full of natural and powerful antioxidants.

Powerhouse of pure, natural and certified organic, unrefined antioxidants to fight every-day environmental stress on your skin!

certified organic ingredients, Paraben and Phthalate Free, Gluten Free Skin Products ingredients are 100% vegan
1 oz. size available in frosted glass bottle with treatment pump

  • Contains 100% certified organic plant oils plus non-GMO natural vitamin E
  • All cold-pressed, unrefined, non-GMO, virgin oils with all benefits intact
  • Oil-based, water-free, protecting, hydrating, nourishing and natural repair oils, very emollient
  • Full of antioxidant power - fights and protects skin damaged from toxic environment
  • Carefully selected and blended plant-based oils to soften and help prevent wrinkle formation
  • Enriching facial oil, but also very useful for cuticles, hair and any dry areas
  • Certified organic cold-pressed, virgin oils of Argan oilSacha Inchi, Rosehip Seed, Hemp Seed, Castor Oil , Blackberry Seed Oil and Prickly Pear Seed oils
  • Excellent for plumping properties for lip area
  • Pure powerhouse of natural ingredients to visibly firm and improve elasticity
  • Convenient treatment pump - a little goes a long way
  • See our detailed description, ingredients and usage tabs below
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First of all, it’s important that we understand how extremely necessary antioxidants are for our skin and how they help prevent the free radical damage that causes wrinkles and aging skin. This is our first completely oil-based serum and it came about as did everything else we make - because of our own personal needs for something that would provide an effective barrier against dehydration and also add long-lasting hydration. Well, you know how I always say we need to always be "feeding our face", these oils provide a bundle of beautiful natural oils that are uniquely blended to provide a multitude of benefits for any skin type. And as I often say, these oils were researched and specifically selected for their variety of and synergy of benefits. This serum has been tested for over a year and has come out with an excellent score card as being "amazing". This is one serum you will want to pick up and use if you are going to be outdoors in winter or summer, or any other highly dehydrating situation or a situation where your skin will be exposed to even more than normal environmental toxins. Additional essential oils can be added for specific skin types and special orders after personal consultations - or you, of course, can add your own. We think adding our Skin Renewal Blend is a good idea, but really like it without any essential oils if you are using one of our moisturizers. 
Skin Types: Mature, dry, normal, sensitive and combination.  

See more about our recommended daily Facial Regimen.

Certified organic Rosehip Seed Oil
(Rosa canina),  Certified organic Argan Oil (Argania Spinosa), Certified organic Sacha Inchi Oil, (Plukeneta volubilis), Certified organic Hemp Seed Oil (Cannabis sativa), Certified organic Castor Oil (Ricinus cmmunis), Certified organic Blackberry Seed Oil  (Rubus laciniatus), organic Prickly Pear Seed oil (Opuntia ficus Indica) and natural tocopherols (Vitamin E). Although I seldom recommend using products that are "preservative free", this one is purely oil based and does not require a preservative. We do add vitamin E, both enough for the benefits it provides the skin, but also as a natural antioxidant for the oils included. 


I personally love to and recommend switching between the different serums we offer on a routine basis in order to give my skin a new boost every day or to meet a particular need for a particular day - where will I be, how much sunshine, wind, toxins, etc. will I be exposed to? As with all our serums, one squirt from the bottle is usually sufficient, which is why we provide the treatment pump bottles. For this special serum, we are bottling it in a frosted glass bottle for extra protection against heat and light. We refrigerate all of our carrier oils and these in particular, and we suggest that you at least keep these precious oils out of light and heat. I personally use this serum over my entire face, but will at times just apply it to my eye area, lips and laugh lines (no, of course I don't have any...). Don't try to "rub it in". Let it be absorbed naturally, and it will in a fairly short period of time. I still apply a moisturizer over the serum and I really love the glow and brightness of my skin after using this. For some people this is enough moisture for the day or night, but for most of us, you will want to follow by adding either the Every-Day Facial Cream or for more serious skin care, our Skin Intensive Renewal Cream.  Take a look at our Facial Regimen and see the paraben-free, phthalate-free,  organic choices we offer.

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