Environmental Working Group? How do they "work"?

Nice name and they've managed to make themselves a household word. How did they do this? Because we all like scary stuff. Admit it - you do. Alarmist information is so much more interesting to read and takes a priority every time over other news. I know you can't pick up a newspaper or a magazine without reading a new scary story about how bad something is - the source of this information will most likely be the EWG. I'm so glad now that I'm not alone in thinking they are not all they're hyped up to be - other than getting very rich over our fear and anxiety. See this blog article about their financial responsibility and at the link below for Activistcash.com.

Interesting quote: "The Environmental Working Group has perfected the art of duping science and health reporters. This is an organization that never met a food it couldn’t turn into a panicked newspaper headline. Not even vitamin A is safe from EWG’s poison pen.The Environmental ‘Worrying’ Group’s regular assaults on common sense have made it one of the most error-prone activist organizations in America. But now consumers and the media have a one-stop shop for information that can help them fight back.

How about this?

"It’s no surprise that 79 percent of members of the Society of Toxicology believe EWG overhypes the health risks of chemicals."

So what I'm saying is this - don't let yourself be force fed scary information. Are these people scientists? Well, actually from what I've read they are not. The previous quote came from "The Center for Consumer Freedom" and I think I'll be reading more of their information - how about you? They found their information - and more - from this website, Activistcash.com. How do you feel about Vitamin A not being safe? Do you question what you read - even from really good sources (like me, grin, grin)? Bookmark this site and sign up for their newsletter - I'm going to. Now, as a disclaimer, let me just say that I don't agree with all that Activistcash.com says in this article - not yet anyway. I still believe completely in organically growing my food and using organic ingredients and products - otherwise, I would not have started this business. However, I think their points are well taken on many issues and it is important that we look at all sides of the equation - yes? I asked Warren once - "Do I just read everything I want to believe, or do I just believe everything I read" - think about it.

Thanks for listening!

Addendum dated August 23, 2010 - just found this link on Twitter for more information about the EWG. Interesting...you decide. I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions. And, okay, one more for now (there will be more I hope!) - this one is nicely detailed and informative.