We like to watch the Medicine Hunter, Chris Kilham, when we get the chance. I came across his article on Tamanu oil while researching another project. His article is good and gives accurate details about this amazing oil. We have additional information in our ingredients information pages. We use it in a lot of our products, plus we sell it certified organic in 1 oz treatment bottles. Ours is cold-pressed and unrefined, making it dark in color and thick with a wonderful caramel fragrance. This oil is better than tea tree oil for acne – a big surprise to us when we first discovered it. It’s partly because it is very antibacterial. It has a lot of other uses besides that including shingles. We’ve successfully treated quite a few customers with the Tamanu oil with Ravensara essential oil. Read his article Tamanu Oil, but we think our product is better than the one he endorses – seriously – and more reasonably priced.