Aniseed Essential Oil - Profile of the Day

(Pimpinella anisum)

The truth is I didn't use this particular essential oil until the past 2 years. It wasn't included in the oils we studied during my aromatherapy certification and I just had not even thought much about it. Not until a friend told us that there was an essential oil that hunters and fishermen use - to mask human scent. He wanted me to make a soap that had that in it. So since I'm always looking for new ways to incorporate aromatherapy in our lives and on our website, I said sure! I started doing the research, reading hunting and fishing blogs and forums, and apparently this is a very common use for aniseed essential oil. Then I started doing my research on the oil itself, its properties, benefits and chemical properties and I was amazed that I hadn't used it sooner!

For those who want the short version of what aniseed oil is used for look here. For those who want much more information take a look at the beginnings of our essential oil database and what it will look like. I've started with aniseed oil, which also obviously starts at the beginning of the alphabet, but we will be adding to this database daily with a "short version" and the in-depth look at all the ways a particular oil may benefit a particular issue in your life. We do offer aniseed oil on our website, but there will be some oils we will profile that we don't carry, but will provide you with links to those who do.

Thanks for listening! Hope you begin to incorporate essential oils and practical aromatherapy in your every day lives and discover as we have that you can't do without them.